Routine Eye Care

Eye Exams

The doctors at Valley Eye and Laser Center are dedicated to the complete eye health of all their patients.  The biggest key to healthy eyes is regular eye exams, not only to determine if prescription eyeglasses or contact lenses are needed, but also to help prevent future eye diseases.

Here are a few things your doctor will be looking for during your exam:

Refractive error – Your doctor will examine your eyes with different lens combinations to determine if your vision would be improved with a prescription, which can correct nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism.  Refractive surgery is also an option, such as Lasik.  See our section on Lasik for more information.

Amblyopia – Lazy eye (amblyopia) usually affects just one eye, but can affect both eyes as well. Lazy eye is often the result of abnormal visual development.  When this happens the eyes to not function properly together; this in turn can result in vision problems. If left untreated, vision impairment can become permanent.

Strabismus – This is when you have crossed or turned eyes.  Strabismus causes problems with depth perception and can also lead to amblyopia.

Eye teaming issues – Your eyes may be properly aligned but still not working well as a team, which can cause headaches and eyestrain.

Focusing problems – These range from childhood underdeveloped focusing skills to age related decline in focusing ability.

Eye diseases – Many eye diseases have no symptoms in their early stages. Early detection by your doctor can reduce the risk of permanent vision loss.